Saipa company participated in workers’ football competition of Iran for the first time in 1986 with a team consisting of production line workers and won the league. This success motivated them to buy the sponsorship of navigation football team in the same year. This team participated in Tehran football club third division with the name of Saipa, and made it through to Tehran football club second division, and winning the championship of Tehran football club second division in 1991, it made its way into Iran football league first division.

At the same time with advancing Saipa team to the football league first division in 1991, the institute, also, started its professional activity and, in addition to football, it invested in other fields such as weightlifting, table tennis, chess, taekwondo, athletics, wrestling, basketball, swimming, etc. and gained valuable titles in Asia and the world competitions.

On 25/09/1999, Saipa club was registered under no. 11439 and the name of Saipa non-profit sports institute in companies’ registration department and officially started its sports and cultural activities according to articles of association and after selecting a managing director and board of directors; then, in 2000 it changed its name to Saipa Sports and Cultural Institute and continued its extensive cultural activities, having amended the articles of association and obtained the related licenses from Ministry of the Islamic Culture and Guidance and Physical Education Organization.

It should be noted that, since February 2005 this institute has extended its activities and officially continued its activity in the field of club holding with the title of Saipa Sports and Cultural Company.

It is worth noting that Saipa Sports and Cultural Company is one of Saipa car manufacturers companies located at No. 20, Valiasr Blvd., Azadi Town, Kilometer 5 of Karaj Special Rd., Tehran.

The followings can be mentioned among the honors gained by Saipa Sports and Cultural Company:

  • Selection of Saipa club as the best Iranian football club by football federation, due to having 24 national players in different categories of basic football.
  • Selection of Saipa club as the best Iranian sports club by ministry of sports from among 1800 sports complex.
  • Granting the excellent order of management in 2017 by 12 governmental ministries and entities to REZA DARVISH, Saipa’s managing director.
Adult’s football

Subsequent to winning the first division champions league and super cup in 1992, Saipa adult football team was licensed to advance to professional league (Azadegan) and with the use of formation, experience, and talent of the players such as Jalal Basharzad, Hamid Alidousti, Behrooz Parvareshkhah, Majid Saleh, Ramin Mohtashami, Farshad Falahatzadeh etc. it unbelievably managed to win the league and Knockout cup in 1993, and recorded in its name the conquest of two prestigious cups of the national football simultaneously for the first time. Saipa football team also won the league in the following year and was ranked 4th in Asia in 1995. Coached by Ali Dei, our country’s football myth, Saipa managed to win Iran’s premier league. This team has now started its work in the league once again coached by Ali Dei and at the present moment it is ranked 8th in table.

Additionally, considering the fact that adults football team gained the 4th spot in the last year, it succeeded to attend playoff round in Asia and it had to play against Al-Rayyan team of Qatar as its first game. Saipa club made it for the first time to have two national players in Russia World Cup.

Adult’s Volleyball

Saipa’s volleyball team is one of the most successful Iranian volleyball teams, because it has acquired 6 runner-up spots in Iran Volleyball premier league during the last years, 1 runner-up spot is Asian clubs and a 4th rank in Sheikh Rashed Cup. This team was among three national young teams of Iran in 2017; and it had four adult national players and four Omid national players and managed to beat Bank Sarmayeh, Peykan and Shahrdari of Tabriz and promote to runner-up spot in national premier league, Shahid Mohsen Hojaji Cup, and was ranked 5th in play-off round. Now, this team is ranked 7th in the premier league.

Water Polo

This team started its work supervised by Mr. Mahdi Panamtash since 2017, and finished on a runner-up spot in the last season and promoted to Asia Champions Competitions in Thailand and it became qualified for the world cup tournament after sixty years.

This team powerfully won the national super league cup, being held in 9 Dey Pool in May and once again made its way into Asia tournament. Having seven national players under the age of 18, Saipa water polo team was the youngest team in the completion.


Saipa chess team was allowed to attend Asia Champions Cup in Srilanka due to winning the championship in the recent two years (2016). Among the ardent Asian rivals, it was Saipa team who won the championship and promoted to world competition 2018 and finished in a runner-up position in 2017 season.

Car Racing

Car racing national championship competitions was held in four round, the first of which was started in Parand new city in June 2017 and Saipa team won the championship of this round. The second round was held in Sari city in July 2017 and again Saipa team won the championship of this round, but in the third round, held in Shiraz city in September 2017, with the presence of a number of well-known countries including Qatar, Czech Republic, Oman etc. and, once again, it was Saipa who powerfully was ranked first, the fourth round was held in Mashhad in December 2017 and Saipa won another championship. It should be noted that Saipa beat all its rivals in all national competitions of 2017 and won the championship.

Basic Football Competition

Football at age categories of Omid- youth- teenagers- new generation gained the following ranks.

  • Omid football team: which is the second and supporter of adult team finished in a runner-up spot.
  • The Youth football team: considering the presence of seven national players in this team, those players were available for national team and their training camp, this team was ranked 4th.
  • Teenagers football team: due to the above mentioned reasons, this team had to give its members to the youth team, so it ended up in the fifth place in the league.
  • U14: gained the sixth spot.
  • Toddlers football team: age categories 11- 12 and 13 demonstrated an active and successful presence in festival.
The Youth Volleyball Team

The youth volleyball team started its activity with testing supervised by its coach, Mr. Seyed Mahdi Seyed Aboutorabi, from May 22, 2017 and after selecting the top players made its way into national champions competitions and won it.

The Teenagers Volleyball Team

The youth volleyball team started its activity with testing supervised by its coach, Mr. Rahmatollah Noori from May 22, 2017 and after selecting the top players made its way into national champions competitions and was ranked third.

Water Polo Team

National champions tournament was held in four age categories and Saipa team with ages ranging from 11 to 17 participated in it and the following ranks were gained:

  • Under 17: national tournament first place
  • Under 14: national tournament first place
  • Under 13: national tournament first place
  • Under 12: national tournament runner-up spot
  • Under 11: national tournament first place

In the end, it is reminded that Saipa Cultural Sport Company attend different sports events focusing on Youthism and training athletic talents in a way that it had the youngest team of the league in all sports fields and it is an honor to say that following this policy led to presence of 23 national players in football field, 8 national players in volleyball field, and 7 national players in water polo all coming from Saipa Cultural Sport Company.

Performance of Saipa Cultural Sport Company in 2017
Row Name of Team Gained Rank Description


Adult football

With 54 points and 1 point clear from runner-up team and finished on equal points and goal difference as the third place team of national premier league

Promotion to Asia Clubs Tournament


Adult volleyball

Group runner-up spot

Fifth play-off


Water polo

Third rank of national super league

Obtained the Asia runner-up spot and was allowed to present Iran in the world clubs cup after 60 years



Runner-up in national premier league

Winner of Asia championship and making through to World Clubs Cup


Car racing

Winner of four round

Winner of middle east championship


Omid football

Runner-up in Tehran league



The Youth football

4th place in Tehran l premier League



Teenagers football

5th place in Tehran l premier League



Toddlers football

6th place in Tehran l premier League



U11- 12- 13 football

Successful presence in festival 



The Youth volleyball

Winner of national premier league



Teenagers volleyball

3rd spot in national premier league



Water polo U13- 14- 17

Winner of national championship



Water polo 11 and 12 years old

Runner-up of national championship