Among all the affiliated companies being active in production chain of Saipa production group, 12 companies together with the main company got admitted in stock market and the shares of these companies are exchangeable in stock exchange according to the following table.
Row Company Transactional symbol Latest registered capital (billion Rials) Date of admission of stock market Subject of activity
1 Saipa Khsapa 39,267 11/06/1996 Production and manufacture of all types of light and heavy automobiles and their parts, components and spare parts, and sale of the products. Performing any type of profitable investment and industrial, commercial and service operations.
2 Pars khodro Khpars 22,720 05/03/2000 Manufacture and assembling all types of motor vehicles and their parts, and enter into any activity or legal transaction for the purpose of creation and utilization of vehicles or preparation of materials, equipment and machineries from internal sources or through importation. 
3 Saipa investment Vasapa 10,675 05/02/2005 Investment in shares, qualification share, funds investment departments or other securities having voting right with the aim of gaining profits, in a way that they can hold the control of the investee company, institute or fund, or can have substantial influence on those companies.
4 Zamyad Khazamya 5,530 07/03/1999 Design, manufacture (assemble) import, export, buy and sale of all types of gasoline and diesel automobiles including light and heavy trucks, Nissan pickup, tractor and other agricultural, industrial, and sedan cars.
5 Leasing Rayan Saipa Velsapa 9,040 21/02/2005 Purchasing movable and immovable properties including domestic and foreign automobiles, via cash, leasing methods, and equipping the required sources through securing bank facilities and investing on other companies’ shares including insurance company etc.
6 Saipa Diesel Khkaveh 2,636 21/02/1993 Production of all types of light and heavy trucks, and the affiliated companies thereof, mainly in the field of after-sales-services, supply and manufacture of car parts.
7 Saipa Azin Khazin 1,323 16/04/2001 Performing any type of activities including design, manufacture, assemble car internal parts (seat, glove box, false ceiling, dashboard, second cover of seats), import and export, purchase and sale of all types of gasoline and diesel cars including sedan, pickup, van, truck, lorry, trailer, minibus, bus, and their pieces and parts, and performing any type of productive, industrial, trade and after-sale services activities which are directly related to the subject of company.
8 Plasco Kar Saipa Plasc 914 11/12/1989 Produce and assembling shield and dashboard of Saipa group automobiles.
9 Fanarsazi Zar Khazar 500 23/02/1997 Produce and selling all types of springs for motor and industrial vehicles and agricultural cars.
10 Komak Fanar Indamin Khkomak 321 08/03/1997 Produce and manufacturing all types of shock absorbers for light, semi-heavy and heavy automobiles and all types of shock absorbers necessary for home appliances, sport and industrial equipment etc. and producing the related spare parts.
11 Radiator Iran Khtor 300 20/02/2007 Establishing factory for production of all types of special radiators for truck, tractor and other motor vehicles; importing special machineries and raw materials usable by the factory and selling automotive products.
12 Saipa Shisheh Ksapa 230 24/02/2004 Establishing factories and the required installations for production of different safety glasses usable in automotive industry such as: tailgate safety glasses, security and bulletproof glasses and other glasses usable in transportation and construction industry, industrial services including multi-layer, ornamental and sanitary glasses. 
13 Rena Investing Co. Verna 6,000 01/07/1995 Investment and participation in companies and production units, purchase and sell shares of the companies and the affiliated companies in the field of partnership and implementing construction projects and performing any type of activities related to construction projects and investment on real estate and properties.