Ever since 1990s, Saipa co. has started to obtain management systems certificates including ISO9001 (Quality Management System), ISO14001 (Environmental Management System), and OHSAS18001 (Safety and Health Management System) and has so far managed to protect and maintain these management systems at the level of its organization.

During the previous years and on some special occasions whenever necessary, the organization had stablished other standards such as ISO3834 (Welding Management System), ISO17025 (Laboratorial Management System), IWA2 (Educational Services Management System) but had not extended the certificates upon termination of the related necessities and due to the organization’s priorities.

In line with this, in the cases where the management systems have changed at the international level, the company has made the required changes and *** in its organization and has updated its systems according to the new necessities.

Additionally, during the recent years, the company has succeeded to implement modern managerial systems including Social Accountability Management System (SA8000) and Energy Management System (ISO50001) from TUVNORD German co. and Saipa has become known as a pioneer organization in effective implementation and use of the managerial systems.

Upon consideration of sharing its plan for implementing the effective standards, the company aims to recognize and apply the required managerial systems according to the environmental condition of car industry in the country given the internal abilities and potentials of the organization.

Following standard development activities, the company is implementing other systems including ISO10002 (Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Management System), ISO10003 (Customer’s Complaints Standard and Guidelines for Dispute Resolution External to Organizations), ISO10004 (Monitoring and Measuring Customer Satisfaction Management System), and the related certificates will be obtained.