Plant Management System

Plant Management System Policy (SPMS) of Saipa Car Manufacturing Group

In order to maintain sustainability and increase the competitiveness in the challenging environment of national and international business, effective meeting the needs and expectations of the customers and other beneficiaries, developing pure thinking in all activities and processes of economic business, across the chain of product/service value, are inevitable necessities. Saipa Car Manufacturing Group as an effective group in national economy and pioneer in the journey of eminence, obliges itself to develop such thinking in all processes according to the following principles:

  • Defining product/service value appropriate for needs and expectations of beneficiaries: balanced value determination of every activity related to product/service including obvious and hidden values from the point of view of the beneficiaries
  • Eliminating Non-Value Added Activities: identifying value flow in developing every product/service and continuous promotion thereof, through eliminating the wastes and non-value added activities
  • Offering a product consistent with customer’s need: production planning and financing in accordance with customers’ need in different sections of market based on a tensile system with the aim of reducing production time until delivery and increasing customers’ satisfaction
  • Lasting Excellence: optimal use of resources, continuous promotion and perfectionism in all process for the purpose of realization of the goals such as quality enhancement, cost reduction, production time reduction, with the participation of the personnel

In order to ensure creation of an integrated and systematic infrastructure towards realization of the above principles, Saipa group, taking advantage of local knowledge and patterning the global car manufacturers, has attempted to design and establish plant management system including all operational processes of product development in the chain of products value. All the affiliated companies must comply with the exact fulfillment of this system and necessities and patterns thereof and do their best to develop and promote it.

Comprehensive management systems policy

Saipa group as a big pole of car manufacturing in the country with half a century of experience and powerful staff, in line with its strategic orientation, believes that systematic development of managerial approaches towards meeting the beneficiaries’ needs and expectations are the foundation of sustainable development and turning into an international car maker and in this way announces its policy as follows, being a framework for setting goals and operational plans of the organization:

1) Balanced value creation for the customers and other beneficiaries

Establishment of an effective communication with beneficiaries, design, development, and production of products and services, taking into account factors such as quality, cost, time, consistent with their needs and expectations and compliance with national standards and those of the target market

2) Design and establishment of a safe, healthy, and cheerful environment

Establishing a safe, healthy, and cheerful environment for protection and promotion of physical and psychological health of staff and other beneficiaries in the organization and prevent accidents, injuries, occupational and non-occupational diseases

3) Green Management, Clean and Low Carbon Production

Compliance with the principle of “environmental protection and sustainable development” in supply chain, production processes, production support, after-sale products and services; with the aim of realization of demands and expectations of all beneficiaries through preventing different types of pollutions, identifying, controlling, and substituting pollutant matters and resources and optimizing the consumption of resources and energy with the approach of reducing carbon.

4) Staff Development and Empowerment

Identifying and attracting talents and developing skills, knowledge and motivation of staff with emphasis on meritocracy and creating equal learning opportunities in line with meeting specialized and balanced needs of human resources in different processes of the organization

5) Agility in Organization

Developing process attitude, systemic and pure thinking, through elimination of non-value added activities, structure dynamics, promotion of organizational communications, explanation of duties and authorities of process owners in the range of value chain considering the change of business environment

Development and sustainability of Saipa depends on compliance with the above mentioned principles in all processes and risk managements and the respective opportunities. In order to ensure the creation of an integrated infrastructure, the organization’s operational processes are designed, executed and updated according to the last edition of management systems standards (ISO50001, OHSAS15001, ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO10004, ISO10002, ISO10015), the related national and international rules and regulations, applicable requirements in automotive industry, patterning from pioneer organizations, exploiting the day technologies and also our staff’s valuable knowledge.

I, as the managing director of Saipa Car Manufacturing Group, oblige myself, relying on my colleagues’ empathy, participation and abilities, to not only protect the organizational values, occupational ethics and the rights of all beneficiaries, but also to comply with this policy, and continuous monitoring and improvement of organizational processes, and expect you dear staff in Saipa Group to stick to continuous improvement within the framework of this policy in all your processes.