Iran Citroen car manufacturing corporation was established in 1966 and started its activity with manufacturing different models of Dyane. Company’s name was changed to “Iranian public stock car manufacturing company” with acronym of “Saipa” in 1972 and was turned into a public stock company. Company’s shares were admitted to Tehran stock exchange in 1995 and the company turned into Saipa car manufacturing group in 1999 with the aim of presence in all automotive industry value chain and subsequent to purchasing the majority of shares belonging to Pars Khodro, Zamyad, and Saipa Diesel. At the present moment, this car manufacturing group, owning more than 80 companies, manages nearly 40 thousand staff directly and indirectly via its first layer and second layer companies. During the first 9 months of 1396 (from 20/03/2017 to 21/12/2017), Saipa group managed to possess 40.6 percent of Iranian automotive market.

Saipa group has the ability to manufacture nearly one million cars in 7 sites of the car manufacturing company, four companies (Sapa, Pars Khodro, Saipa Citroen, and Benro) are allocated to sedan cars production and three companies (Saipa Diesel, Zamyad, Iran Kaveh) were allocated to light and heavy commercial cars. It should be noted that production companies affiliated to Saipa group have the ability to increase their production capacity up to 1.5 million cars. Additionally, three production lines have been launched in Syria, Venezuela and Iraq countries and the production lines of Al-Jazeera and Sudan will also be launched in near future. 12 companies (Mega Motor, Saipa Malleable, Plascokar Saipa, Saipa Azin, Saipa Press, Indamin Shock Absorber, Saipa Shisheh, Fanarsazi Zar and Saipa Ring) in the field of car parts production belong to Saipa group which supply nearly 50 percent of the group’s demand. Saipa group manages its supply network with more than a thousand suppliers through Sazeh Gostar Saipa Co. and Mega Motor co.

Saipa group has established 11 regional offices, 720 agencies and sale and after-sale services agencies as well as 442 road relief for providing sale and after-sale services (Saipa Yadak and Rena Technical Services) to its customers in addition to establishment of a “customer Relationship Center”. In addition to overseas production sites, Saipa group has so far exported its products to 22 countries via CBU method and has managed to gain the title of national top car and car parts exporter, and has been recognized as the national excellent exporter in 2012 and 2013.


Since the beginning of its activities so far, the company has had cooperation with Korean, French, Japanese car makers. Saipa company’s products from the beginning of establishment have included Dyane pickup and sedan, Renault 5, Nissan Vans Junior 2000 and 24000 cc, Renault 21, Saba sedan car, Nasim, travel Nasim, Zantia, and Rio, respectively. At the present moment, production line of this company continues its activity with the production of products in the category of X 100, X 200 (Tiba 2), Automatic gearbox and manual gearbox and quick Cerato,

Saipa Yadak

Saipa Yadak company was established in order to supply spare parts and offer after-sale services for Saipa products in 1991. Now, it has 720 agencies in addition to 500 car parts sale agencies and nearly 900 repair agencies throughout the country. Emdad Khodro Saipa Company and road relief services cooperate with after-sale services network in this framework.

Pars Khodro

Is the first Iranian car manufacturer which started its activity with producing different types of Jeep automobile in 1856 and continued it with Aria and Shahin products; but now its production includes four categories: products made with cooperation of Nissan including Maxima, Roviz, Van Pickup, Seranza, Qashqai, and Tiana; products made with cooperation of Renault including Tondar 90, Megan, Pars Tondar and Sandero; production of Saipa products such as Saipa 141, Saipa 132, Saipa 131, Brilliance group, H200 and H300 models.


Zamyad company is known as the producer of different types of light and heavy commercial automobiles, mini bus and van in Saipa car manufacturing group. This company was established in 1963. Zamyad has so far manufactured its products with the cooperation of Japanese Nissan and Italian Iveco. This company’s products include Nissan Vans of Z24 and Z28, Shooka Van, Van A36.13, Mini Bus IRIS, Rich Van, and Euro Cargo Truck.

Saipa Diesel

Saipa Diesel company started its productions with Mack products and manufactured different types of trailer in 1963 but it has become one of the biggest agencies of production and sale of Volvo products in the middle east since 1984 and has produced some types of Volvo Trucks company’s products such as FH, NL, and FM. Midlum truck has been produced with the cooperation of French Renault and T3T7 and Alborz trucks have been produced with the cooperation of Dongfeng Motor Company. Alvand and Kaveh are also among the products of this company. Saipa Diesel is active in the field of production of Minibus and Midibus.

Saipa Citroen

Saipa Citroen company as one of the largest automotive production companies in the Middle East, was established in 2009 with the aim of increasing the capacity of automotive production and supplying different types of sedan cars according to the world up-to-date technology. Now, Tiba and Changan automobiles are produced in this company.

The Foundation of Automotive Industry Development (Bonro)

The subject of activity of this company has been the production of Chairman and Korando products since 2007; and having been transferred to “Saipa Car Manufacturing Group”, the company has first started to produce Saipa 131 since February 2012 and subsequently the production of Saipa Van 151 and Ario car have been on company’s agenda.

Sazeh Gostar Saipa

In order to achieve self-sufficiency goals, Sazeh Gostar Saipa company has specially focused on technical and engineering activities and takes actions to enter into manufacture and purchase contracts with car parts producers, by offering technical and engineering, consultation services and supporting the finance of startup manufacturers for the establishment and enhancement of potential abilities. Having continuously developed its activities, this company has had a significant role in development and promotion of the country’s vehicle part manufacturing and having more than 500 parts manufacturers in its supply network, has played a valuable role in terms of quality, price, delivery, and new technologies for its original customers, Saipa Car Manufacturing Companies, Pars Khodro, Zamyad, and Saipa Kashan.

Engine, Gearbox, and Excel Production Co.:

Mega Motor Saipa Engine, Gearbox, and Excel Production Co. is the biggest producer of driving forces in the Middle East. Given the technical ability, high design power, taking advantage of up-to-date technology and having an appropriate organization, this company is considered as the largest national driving forces supply company. Driving forces production, supply chain management and managing the affiliated companies are among the duties that Mega Motor has defined for itself.

Chronology of Saipa CAR Manufacturing Group:

  • Company Establishment

    Iran Citroen car manufacturing corporation

  • Product Launch

    Production of different models of Dyane

  • Product Launch

    Production of Renault 5 in two models of 2-door and 4-door

  • Changing the company’s name

    Changing the company’s name to “Iranian public stock car manufacturing company” and becoming a public stock company

  • Product Launch

    Production of Nissan Van with engine capacity of 2000 cc

  • Product Launch

    Production of Nissan Double Cab Pickup

    Production of Nissan Van with engine capacity of 2400 cc

  • Product Launch

    Production of “Renault 21”

  • Product Launch

    Production of “Carburetor Pride” in different models

  • Product Launch

    Production of “Pride Station”

    Achieving success /h3>

    Success in deepening domestic manufacture of products up to level of 81% value of CKD Pride and 79% Nissan

  • Production Line Launch

    Completion of the construction project of Caravan production line and prototypical production of this product

  • Product Launch

    Experimental Production of Pride 141 new car and its introduction to market

  • Construction of Production Line

    Exploiting “A Thousand Cars Project” and achieving a daily production capacity of 1000 Pride cars

    Producing new engines of Pride, type of “Sagem Injector”, in Mega Motor company for the purpose of obtaining EURO II Standard

  • Production Line Launch

    Launching the first factory production line of bi-fuel car in the country

    Launching the production line of Rio car

  • Production Lines Launch

    Launching the production line of different types of Pride in Venezuela

  • Product Launch

    Production and supply of Tondar 90 product in 3 types

    Production and supply of new product of Saipa 132

    Production and supply of urban bus IRIS

    Production Lines Launch

    Opening the factory for producing different types of Pride in Syria country under the name of Civico

  • Production Lines Launch

    Launching the production line of Azar Minibus and double cab Shooka pickup

    Launching the production line of Megan

    Launching mass production line of Tondar 90 engine

    Launching the production line of Rio Automatic Gearbox


    Unveiling of Tiba car

    Unveiling of Zamyad LX pickup

    Unveiling of new products in Saipa Diesel

  • Production Lines Launch

    Launching Saipa Kashan factory with the annual production capacity of 150000 cars


    Unveiling of the first domestically formed truck by Saipa Diesel

    Record Breaking

    Crossing the border of producing 4 million sedan cars

  • Production Lines Launch

    Launching the production line of Saipa Car Manufacturing Group in Sudan country

    Other achievements

    Celebration of exporting 111/111 cars with Saipa brand name

    Selection of Saipa as the national top exporter for the fifth consecutive times

    Launching sale and after-sale services center of Saipa in the city of Karbala

  • Unveil

    Introducing three new products of Tiba 2, Saipa 151, and X 100 Automatic gearbox

  • Production Lines Launch

    Launching the production line of Rich Van from product group of Chinese Dongfeng



    Unveiling of three new products of Saina, Ario, and Sandero


    Launching the production site of products such as X100 and Tiba in the country of Iraq
  • Production Lines Launch

    Starting the production of Tiba 2 in Saipa

    Starting the production of Serato in Saipa

    Starting the experimental production of Ario in Benro

  • Production Lines Launch

    Launching the production line of H200 product in Saipa

    Launching the production line of H300 product in Pars Khodro

    Launching the production line of Saina product in Saipa Kashan

  • Investment

    Joint venture with Citroen (Saipa Kashan)


    Unveiling of the new products of CS35

    Unveiling of the new products of Sandero, Stepway

    Unveiling of the new products of Serato Optional

    Unveiling of the new products of Quick

  • Market Entry

    Sandero, Stepway car market entry

    H320 Cross car market entry

    Quick car market entry


    Unveiling of the new products of H320 Cross