Customer services activities in Saipa Car Manufacturing Group have started since 1999 at the same time with establishment of customers’ affairs department in Saipa Yadak Company as a company offering after-sale-services to respectable customers of the group. Due to the importance of organizing and handling customers’ demands in the following years, and also facilitating the communication of customers with the related stakeholders on the one hand and the necessity of enhancing the qualitative and quantitative level of customers’ demand handling on the other, customers’ services continued as follows:

  • Establishment of a call center in Saipa Ydak Co. with the aim of creating customers’ communication processes and instructions
  • Establishment of an integrated accountability and handling with the aim of creating a multi-media call center in the group, focus and implementation of integrated processes in the field of customer
  • Establishment of a customer communication center and agencies network of Saipa Group with the aim of integration of relief, services call centers and also communication channels, development of software process and creation of an integrated monitoring structure at the level of Saipa Car Manufacturing Group